Buckle Webbing Hardware

Buckle Webbing Hardware

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Mesh and Netting, these names mostly refer to the same type of textiles depending on hole size

Buckles are one type of hardware for webbing straps. There are many different common types of webbing hardware and parts for making straps. There are also custom webbing hardware too numerous in type to mention. Generally though, webbing hardware falls in to a few main categories: Buckles, locks & Glides, Hooks and Rings

One type of buckle for nylon webbing straps (and other types of strap material) is called a Side Release Buckle, it consists of two parts sometimes called a plug and socket, the plug has two or more prongs that spring outward to the sides of the buckle. When inserted into the socket the prongs latch onto the socket holding it securely.
In addition to side release buckles, another common buckle for webbing are cam lock buckles, also called jam lock buckles or lever lock buckles. These cam lock buckles have a lever with an off center cam that forces it to compress the webbing into the back of the buck when the lever is pushed down. Cam lock buckles are good for straps that require more frequent adjustment, rather than quick release or closure, which is the main advantage to the side release buckle.

Metal Cam lock buckles are often used for tie down straps for transportation & hauling.

Rings are another type of hardware for webbing, they come in several different shapes depending on their intended use. The most common ring for webbing is the d-ring. There is also the modified or special d-ring, the triangle ring, circle or "O"-Rings and rectangular loop rings. Rings come in both metal and plastic. Steel & brass are the most common material for rings but Stainless steel rings and Stainless Steel Grommets for Straps are also available, but much more costly.

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